Do You Believe in Miracles? Do You Believe in You?

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So, do you believe in Miracles?

Do you know you are a miracle?

It doesn’t matter if you believe in creation or evolution, in both cases, you are still a miracle.

Imagine with me… we live on this big planet. This big planet lives inside an even bigger galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy is just one of the many giant galaxies that live within our infinite Universe.

No one knows how long the Universe has been around, but many scientists believe it has been a very long time. During that time, many different life forms have come and went. Still, many life forms continue to exist by adapting to their life force’s needs and desires.

Humans have not been around that long compared to the time the universe has existed. Still, the human’s plight has been made up of many different adaptations; starting with the smallest unit of atoms, into bacteria, into invertebrates, then into vertebrates, then into us. 

Heck, our eye is a mysterious wonder of adaptation that’s only purpose is to allow us to see and make sense of our environment. How long did that take? ?

Just think, all this time has passed and all these adaptations have been made just to create a Universe made up of many loving life forms. Life forms that love their offspring. Life forms that care for their young. Life forms that adapted just to become you.

Why are you a miracle? Why are you special? Because you are you, created for love, deserving love, giving love, and teaching others how to love. ❤️

If it wasn’t for your descendents, if it wasn’t for the love of your parents, your grandparents, their parents, their parents, and all that came before them; trying their best to raise offspring to the best of their ability, no matter how hard it was and every mistake they had to learn from… then, you wouldn’t of even had the chance to be here and be so special to the little ones you do your best to raise in hopes that they will experience greatness too.

You are a miracle. A miracle of time and space that gets the opportunity to create more miracles that in return continue to create even more miracles.🙂❤️

I love you miracles. Thank you for taking the time to become the best miracle you can be. It is work, we all know it, and we all appreciate you… yes you for becoming the best you can be and in return, sharing that greatness with future generations in a fashion of pay it forward that is like a ripple in our great sea. The Universe feels all ripples… thank you for making them good little waves of happiness and bliss


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