The Dance with the Egos: The Thought Continues…

withdraw We don’t learn through the words spoken. We learn from the emotion attached to words. The words hold only the power we give them. Our emotions react to the power we give words. A word with no emotion has no power and causes no will on anyone or anything. We feel the emotion and hear the word together so often that the emotion becomes an image. Was this image created by our free will or was it mass-produced by the emotions from someone other?

voltaren gel usa Do we still have free will when we are only mimicking the actions and emotions of others? Yes, we still have free will. We

accommodate order clenbuterol are practicing it just by being accepting and open to the thoughts of learning more. Our minds are learning a program, but free will dictates the parameters of the program we choose to run. Yet, free will is not truly understood or developed until much later in our thoughts.

browse around this site Fast forward from here and we find ourselves stimulated by outside forces. Emotions are so stern in vibrations that we allow them to affect us from the outside in. We are creatures that react from the inside out from vibrations and forces that that affect us from the outside in. The way we react is based on which ego we decided to dance through life with when we were younger. As the Native American Indian’s describe as the two wolves that live inside us, the wolf we feed becomes the strongest. The wolf we malnourish becomes weak but does not cease to exist. Thanks to free will, if we happen to realize the wolf we have been feeding is not the right ego to dance with, then we can choose to swap dance partners. Changing the lead does not come easy. The alter ego will always be screaming the reasons why it believes it to be better and why we should not leave them… why we should not let it starve.

It takes dedication to choose to become different… not a new person… just your other person… the person we can be when we run with the other wolf or dance with the other ego. A different person from who we were before, but still the same person with new images from different emotions: Changing our emotions takes patience, dedication, and time. The lessons taught by the new ego are not easily learned in one day, one week, one month, or even a year; but with practice, the new emotions become second nature and seemingly without any will.

If at one time we danced with the good ego… the positive ego… the enlightened ego, we have the free will to decide to dance with the evil ego… the vengeful ego… the dark and negative ego. When we choose this path we find it easy to fall. It does not seem to take to long to become entranced by the movements of the dance with the negative ego.

If at one time we danced with the evil ego… the negative ego… the dark and vengeful ego, we still have the free will to decide to dance with the good ego… the positive ego… the enlightened and great ego. When we choose this path we find it is much harder to climb up the ladder to bring ourselves back up from the fall. We must stand to our convictions and resist each temptation to continue to learn how to dance with the positive ego and not regress back into the arms and dance moves of the darkened life before.

We never become a new person when we switch dance partners or run with a different wolf. We only become the other person we are… possibly… the better person if we learn how to stop struggling to be good and just accept that we must become light before we can become one with the light. Light was the first thing created and from light, everything came.


To Be Continued… ✌️❤️🙂

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