The Power of the Thought There once was thought. The echo of this thought was so long it caused a vibration. The vibration of this thought was so strong it caused the ether to hum. The hum was such a catchy melody that atoms started dancing. The dancing was so graceful that the image was soon to be seen. The image was so beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Where once there was only a thought, now stands a beautiful creation, forever for all time.

influence letrozole price This wasn’t the first time this had happened and it wouldn’t be the last. There had already been many dances created, many since the original was cast. The original thinker cast out the first thought of all time. A thought that created the rules of the universe: a thought that began the creation of you and me and everyone before and everyone after.

summarize dalacin c price The thought was one of good. It had to be. Everything we witness and did not makeup is beautiful and full of function. Everything has its place and everything has its time. The organics go back to the system and the souls move on to live once again: to have another spirtual experience. Everything is recycled so none of it ever truly ends.

buy deltasone prednisone This good thought, this first good thought, has helped to create so many wonderful things. This first thought gave us our first thoughts. The original thinker instilled into us, thoughts of constant evolution. The collective thoughts that create the images that project our likeness are filled with great intentions and the yearning for growth and creation.

reliable place to buy propecia online We are all filled to the brim with so many good thoughts that eventually we decide to think for ourselves. We do great at the beginning with the proper upbringing. We learn about danger and how to protect ourselves. We learn how to be happy and we learn how to grow. We learn skills and other new things. We practice and we practice trying to mimic all we see.

We were warned not to speak of the fruit from the tree of knowledge. The fruit that opened ones mind to the concept of good and evil. Yet, we do it every time any of us comes of age. It’s normal for any society to set a set of standards, either written or just understood as so. that is followed by all. Our parents and custodians teach us right from wrong and good from bad.

These two concepts give birth to the new duel forces in our heads. See, before this… everything was only good. Now we have been given the glance, the enticing invitation to something new. Was it like a new flavor or smell? Was it going to feel warm.., cold.., soft.., maybe hard? Curiosity creates thoughts and wonders that will not cease. And we find out what the opposite of good is.

Now steps in the egos. The duel realities we now invite to live with. Each one speaks to us through our emotions and our mind creates pictures from the emotions we receive. We cannot live in duel realities and each of our egos understands this fact as law. They compete to live life with us. One flirts temptations and the other radiates true love.

Free will is a law of the original good thoughts that make up our image. This law was created before we even had our first thought. This law was created way before our ego of good and our ego of evil was thought into creation. Free will gives us the choice which ego we feed and which ego we starve. Now is when the thought of evil is given the invite to come in. Now the melodic dance of the dueling egos becomes present in our heads.

The egos never dance together. They only swing us to and throw. We are lead by the ego we hold onto. The one we run to with arms open wide. From this dance, we learn the defintion of consequences and rewards. We learn what actions to take to earn our own. Each of your achievements, no matter good or bad, take up space in the memorabilia of life lessons that are found on our shelf of memories and in our minds.

Our free will allows us to dance with the ego of our desires. Are we to be a bad girl or boy? Will we be good boys and girls?  Will we know the difference… how do we learn the difference? We learn this through the people we look up to the most. Since they are the ones to bring it to our attention, then they shall be the ones that teach us which side to be on.

To Be Continued…

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